Since 2002, SUPRA has earned the prestigious ISO 9001:2001 Certification which got recently updated to ISO 9001:2015.

Quality has played a major role since the company was founded. It was entrenched as the paramount maxim of the company. Over the decades the name SUPRA has become synonymous with quality. As a result of this company principle, Quality for all the products is built-in, into the Standard Operating Procedures and so not "Hoped For"
    Environmental, Health, Safety and Code of Conduct

  • This initiative was driven by complying to stringent requirement of our multinational customers and was fulfilled in entirely while conforming to their regular Audits.
  • By doing above Supra complies to all local factory and labour laws.
  • Along with this, Supra has also created its Business Code of Conduct for its Employees and Suppliers which is appropriately reciprocated by them.

The Quality Control team at SUPRA understands that the precision of our product are crucial to the customers end product performance and so we maintain an overall effort to ensure product conformance to rigid specifications.

Each department carries its own responsibilities in the continuous improvement process, in order to get the right product at the end.

The testing parameters are well defined as well as monitored, assuring product consistency-resulting in total customer satisfaction.

The quality is maintained throughout the manufacturing process starting with inspection of incoming materials from pre-approved suppliers, online inspection of the product during manufacturing & final inspection report for each outgoing product, including the platting certificate specifying microns (Zinc Trivalent, Nickel or Tin is performed to confirm that all specifications have been met as per the requirement of the drawing sent by the customer

Gauges: There are variety of GO/NO GO gauges that we use to check the quality of product right from the ring and plug gauge to check threads, pin gauge and snap gauge to check the internal & external diameters respectively which are in tolerance of 10 microns