About Us

The one-man crusade by Mr. Sudhir Shah in 1980,has bloomed into an internationally active Star Export House enterprise in the field of manufacturing variety of components and sub-assemblies that are catered to customers in different fields ranging from Heating Elements (Tubular, Immersion) manufacturers Gas Industries & Home Appliances manufacturers all across the globe.

Customization of the components, as per the buyer design and specifications along with, continuously enhancing quality control is the key to our success. SUPRA it's just not only an ISO 9001:2015 Company, but a brand that is committed to its future to continuously provide quality products and performance to its customers all around the world in a timely fashion.

Business model is preferred by the buyers who are looking for different sizes of components, made in varieties of material completely customized under one contact "SUPRA"

From its beginning in 1980, SUPRA has held the belief that good communication, employee education, attentive customer service and the attitude to excel are the primary ingredients for manufacturing superior products. Our competitive pricing, prompt service in terms of sampling, timely order completion with the required quality has helped company grow year on year not only in terms of customers and revenue but also our employees.

SUPRA is a family-owned business. This fact has always marked our company culture and constitutes the basis of our economic success. We believe in ethical principles and personal appreciation. We are convinced that we can only be successful in the long term if we incorporate this into our actions at all times.

" At SUPRA we operate from a position of integrity in all that we do and genuinely care about the Quality of product we offer to our customers, our commitments and relationship with our customer and company's reputation"